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    2010 - 06.25

    Lyn Sawicki is a singer/songwriter who lives in Jackson, Michigan. She’s been called “a true vocal introspectionalist.” Her music could be called “Indigo Folk”–from blue to an even deeper blue—natural, somewhat sparse, strong yet vulnerable.

    Lyn’s first CD Energy Dance, released in December 2007, is a musical journal that documents a struggle for authenticity. It is a good companion for traversing what must be left behind to reach a new, life-giving place.

    The journey continues. Lyn is now recording a new CD. Her new songs are still stories of strength:

    we’re breaking old habits tonight
    we’re not giving in to our fear
    did we know all along that these chains weren’t strong?
    one shake and we’re out of here
    (Walking Tall)

    and vulnerability:

    I need sleep to heal me
    sweet dreams to carry me away
    but I’m frozen instead in this big warm bed
    icy rivers running through my veins
    I have much more to give
    but I am broken tonight
    cross my heart and hope to live
    give love another try

    Lyn’s journey will continue, and it will continue to be journaled in song. She has much more to learn and much more to give to her growing number of listeners.

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